Watch and Learn

A few weeks back Frank Chimero posted a piece titled Leave the Phone at Home which highlighted the idea of utilizing an Apple Watch instead of a phone as your everyday communication device. The piece resonated with me and got stuck in my craw. If an Apple Watch has cellular service, you could do a lot with a little. It’s part of the reason why I have an iPhone SE, I love it’s compact size and it’s small screen makes me want to look at my phone less. It’s less distracting. So, I bought a Watch, enabled the cellular connection, and started my experiment.

The results have been positive but not yet life-shaking. A lot of the success in disconnecting from my phone is changing ingrained behaviors. Currently, I’m writing this on my phone in IA Writer, my favorite app for writing and note taking. If I truly was “disconnected” I should have written this in my notebook with pen and paper. But then I have to transcribe this which takes additional time. Not sure there’s a right or wrong answer here, it comes down to your personal preference.

Additionally, there are things to consider like listening to music (I wish they still made dedicated iPods) which I do, basically, as much as possible. To take photos I’ve been bringing my Canon along but then I need a phone or computer to download them, I’d want to edit them in VSCO etc. More steps in my process.

I suppose my intention is to not get sucked into the black hole of my phone, so if I’m actually using it a tool, then maybe that’s not so bad? I’m being active, not passive, and maybe that’s a big difference? I’ll write about my process more in a few weeks to see how things change.

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