Hello stranger! I’m a California based graphic designer and creative director currently living in Los Angeles. I’ve resided in LA for nearly 15 years now and I believe it’s one of the best places on earth. That said, my partner, Kyle Raymond Fitzpatrick, and I plan on moving to Paris in the next 3 years. Why? Because we’re ready for a change of scenery and lifestyle.

Together we run a creative studio and space called Agility. We took over our beautiful Spanish-style apartment to create a space where we host art shows, talks, dinners, readings, and anything else we feel like doing. Because it’s our space, and not yours (*insert Trixie Mattel gif*) The goal of Agility is community building, bringing together people of all kinds of disciplines and backgrounds who are united by being creative in some way, shape, or form. 

Other then that, I love to design, look at art, eat all the food and drink all the wine, being social and meeting new people, cuddling with dogs, playing Destiny 2, reading books, writing in this little blog, taking photos, and trying to disconnect from the mainframe.