Took Scooter for a walk earlier and saw these blowing in the breeze along a busy stretch of La Brea. It’s always amazing how something beautiful can grow in such a rough spot. I hope that’s us next year.

Late at night I worry about earthquakes. That sense of dread that rolls through my core that the shaking may start and I won’t know when it may stop. That uncontrollable rippling coming from everywhere. I must ride the waves.

My friend Obehi brought us a homemade batch of chapati which spurred a dinner of fanciful items that came together beautifully. Chicken fried in duck fat and za’atar, hummus, kefir yogurt mixed with a cinnamon-tinged chili oil, and arugula and parsley tossed with good olive oil and flaky salt. Proud with hire this turned out.

Freestyled today’s breakfast with an interesting pairing. Sourdough bread, butter, Sqirl’s Strawberry, Rose, Geranium jam topped with homemade pickled peppers and flaky salt. Rich, sweet, spicy, and savory. Going to keep working on this idea.

Also came across this snail friend. It’s funny that we have leopard prints and tortoise prints in fashion but no snail prints. Just look how beautiful those shapes are.

Came across this little robot friend while I was walking the dogs. Looks like they somehow became trapped on earth. Me and you both buddy.

Woke up to the sound of rain this morning. Didn’t realize rain was coming, it was quite a lovely surprise. Seems like it’ll be clear by this afternoon. It’s nice to have a change like this.

Cleaning out the fridge earlier (we had way too many tiny plastic containers of salsa) I came across a High Life and it looked so tasty. Haven’t had a beer in… months? Spicy red salsa with chips and a cold beer are a perfect combination for a warm Sunday afternoon.

When Kyle is in need of a wardrobe update he’ll often paint old clothing. His designs are always super rad looking and it’s a free way to get new clothes.

Making Sundays For Me

My this has been a long week. There’s quite a bit of irony in telling people, “Hey, I’ve got a new blog” and then having no time to write in it. Work-wise I’m helping develop the social media marketing for Disney+, which is on top of my job leading the creative team for Disney, Pixar, and Star Wars social. To say it’s a busy time would be an understatement 😊 Personally, Kyle and I are running Agility, working on freelance projects and putting on art shows and events in our converted living room. A lot of days I find it hard to be motivated to read, write, or make something.

My old therapist helped me realize that as an only child I tend to process things better when I’m by myself. I need this alone time to cope with all the things in my life, bad or good. It gets challenging when you have so many responsibilities. It feels hard to communicate that and I end up feeling guilty when I can’t make time for other people. I know that I’m doing the best I can though and ultimately that’s important.

I’m now trying to utilize Sundays as days to focus on personal priorities. Mostly reading, writing, and designing. I see so many articles or editorial pieces that I want to read and really focus on yet I never seem to have time. For example, today the new issue of T Magazine came out and there are four wonderful profiles on Rachel Weisz, Nick Cave, Nicolas Ghesquière and Shigeru Ban. I have to be diligent with my time though and ensure I’m spending it on my priorities. I have a list of bookmarks that I want to write about but haven’t had time. Hopefully today is the day.

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